I need volunteers

Volunteering Barnet can help your organisation find volunteers. We work with voluntary and community organisations in both the public, private and civil society sector.

Volunteering Barnet is here to:

  • help you to recruit and manage volunteers
  • help you develop and promote your volunteering opportunities
  • offer advice, support and training in volunteer management


How can volunteers benefit your organisation?

Volunteers are a valuable resource bringing with them enthusiasm, skills and experiences, flexibility, fresh ideas and new ways of working. Each volunteer has a unique contribution to make and volunteers can offer one-off, occasional or seasonal help or a regular commitment.

Employer supported volunteering (ESV) / corporate volunteering allows professionals to share their time and skills with a local project, including providing training to people at your organisation. Find out more about ESV here.


What support will you receive?

Please note, everything below which is bold and underlined is a clickable link taking you to the relevant page of support. 

We will help you to design, implement and manage your volunteering programme.By registering with our free service, you will also receive help and support through our: 


Brokerage/recruitment service through Volunteer Connect 



Events and Training


Resource bank

Reward and Recognition Scheme for your Volunteers

...And lots more such as: 

*There may be a cost associated with these items.

What happens next?

To make a start on recruiting volunteers for your organisation, please register with our brokerage service. It's entirely free, and there's help every step of the way if you need it. Just give us a call on 0300 365 9960 or email us on enquiry@volunteeringbarnet.org.uk

If you're already registered with us, please log in to our database to check whether anyone has applied to your roles, as there may be volunteers waiting to hear from you!