Volunteering Story - Spencer

Spencer Devine, Lead volunteer with Volunteering Barnet

Spencer Devine from Mill Hill is a Lead Volunteer for Volunteering Barnet. He approached the service with a social action idea to clean up the Mill Hill Bridleway, a spot he regularly jogs through with his wife and two children. Volunteering Barnet helped Spencer turn his idea into reality by supporting him with recruiting volunteers and delivering the litter pick.

Spencer, an Employability Adviser and part-time Martial Arts Instructor, has had a great deal of experience working with and managing teams of youth and long term unemployed people. Whilst working for Groundwork London, Spencer worked on the Get Young People Working program which supported young people from troubled backgrounds into employment. Spencer enjoys seeing the positive effects that both his jobs can have on young people and how it can change their lives for the better.

Having volunteered a great deal with Martial Arts groups, Spencer had already been exposed to the benefits of offering his time to community projects. He approached Volunteering Barnet with the idea to clean up the Mill Hill Bridleway, but required some extra support in organising the event. Faithful Conteh, Volunteering Barnet’s Brokerage Officer, organised a series of meetings with Spencer before the clean-up, including a survey of the proposed area. She also advertised the event and mobilised the local community for the day via Volunteering Barnet channels. Faithful supported Spencer in partnering with Barnet Council Green Spaces and Street Team who approved the clean-up and supplied the equipment needed for the day.  

The Mill Hill Bridleway clear up was a huge success: There were 14 litter pickers on the day and together they picked up 24 bags of rubbish and recycling in 3hours! Everyone was treated to a mug of hot chocolate after and a productive day was had by all.

When asked if he would recommend Lead Volunteering, Spencer says:

“Yes, definitely! It’s good for inclusion and engagement as well as doing it for you – it’s really rewarding. If you live in suburban areas, you have the responsibility to be interested in your local environment.”

He describes his experience as:

"Satisfying, Community, Making a Positive Change"


If you would like to improve your local area through a social action day, and need a some support from Volunteering Barnet, then please contact us on on 0300 365 9960 or email enquiry@volunteeringbarnet.org.uk.