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The Resource Bank is part of our training and support offer to Voluntary Organisations in Barnet. Become volunteer-ready, and strengthen your volunteer programme to achieve Best Practice.

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Volunteer Management Health Check

Before exploring the resources, have you completed the Volunteer Management Health Check? This tool, developed in partnership with the Greater London Volunteer Network, helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation's Volunteer Management. The resources below match up to the categories in the health check.

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1. Recruiting Volunteers


2. Organisational Involvement


3. Equality and Diversity 

A. Equal Opportunities Statement
Volunteering England, 2009 (PDF)

B. Equal Opportunities Policy
Mind in Croydon, 2002 (PDF)

C. Equality and Diversity Policy
Groundwork London, 2011 (PDF)

D. Policy Statement on Equality and Diversity
Groundwork London South (MS Office)

E. Let's Talk About Inclusion Booklet
Volunteering ACT, 2004 (PDF)

A. Report on Diversity Monitoring
Equally Professional Network (MS Word)

B. Equal Opportunities Form
Cambridge CAB (PDF)

C. Monitoring Volunteer Data
Institute of Voluntary Research (PDF)

Involving Older Volunteers

A Golden Opportunity
Reach (PDF)

Involving Volunteers with a Criminal Record

Volunteers with a Criminal Record
Volunteer Centre Edinburgh, 2014 (PDF)

Involving Young Volunteers

Advice on Involving Young Volunteers
Volunteering England (MS Word)

Generation Citizen

Information Sheet
Swansea Council Voluntary Services (PDF)

Toolkit for involving Young Volunteers
Timebank (PDF)


4. Induction


5. Safe Volunteering Environment


6. Expenses


7. Support


8. Personal Development


9. Resolving Difficulties


10. Reward and Recognition

A. Volunteer Reference Template
Wandsworth Volunteer Centre (MS Word)

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11. Trustees


12. Miscellaneous Resources